Fornax Earrings


The Fornax constellation lies in the southern hemisphere of the sky. Its name means “the furnace” in Latin. This stunning set of designer dangling earrings has the perfect mix of timeless class and modern creativity. The tony gold finish combined with the beautiful design of Fornax’s outline provides a look that can be paired with such a variety of outfits, you might be tempted to ask, “What did I ever wear before I had this pair of earrings?” How cool is that? 

Our Fornax earrings bring out the heat in the wearer. You will feel its warmth, almost like a fever, creating an inexplicable aura. Your admirers will beg to be near your new and mysterious hotness. "Whither this weather?" they might say. A true radiator of beauty, warmth, and passion, you will feel like a rising star wearing these Fornax earrings. Be hot.

Collection: Midnight Classic

Materials: 24k Gold plated on stainless steel

Drop length: 4.4 cm

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