Triangulum Choker


Triangulum means “the triangle” in Latin. The triangle is steady. It is a basic shape, but it is not an ordinary shape. We have changed this choker to make it a startlingly different piece for you to select and add to your jewelry box. Wrapping strands of best-quality leather cording end with two of our Triangulum pendants, imparting an entirely distinct look and feel. The overall effect provides an air of sophistication, class, and chic. The best news: these uniquely paired, 24K gold-plated renditions of the Triangulum constellation beauty hang around your neck for a dressy evening look or for vitalizing your stylish work ensembles. Whether you’re wearing leather or fur, jeans or dresses the effect will be perfect.

Collection: Midnight Classic

Materials: 24k Gold plated on stainless steel with leather cord

Size: Adjustable for a wide range of neck sizes (28 cm-38 cm circumference)

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