Canes Venatici Choker


Canes Venatici is Latin for hunting dogs. The two main stars making up the constellation are known as Asterion and Chara. Asterion = “Starry” or sometimes “Little Star.” Chara = “Joy” and also “dear to the heart of her master.” We say, “Pick the definition you like!” The constellation Canes Venatici gives a love of hunting and a penetrating mind, making those born under it faithful, keen, clever, and fond of speculation. Is this you? You can accessorize almost any outfit with the Canes Venatici choker whether it’s for play, for work, or for evening. Today’s busy Goddess doesn’t have time to switch jewelry between events. You can wear Constellations LA jewelry anywhere, any place, and anytime.


Materials: 24k Gold plated on stainless steel with leather cord

Size: Adjustable for a wide range of neck sizes (28 cm-38 cm circumference)

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