ELENY is not a company. We are family-run passion project dedicated to spreading our love for jewelry and the arts with excitement and love! We know this isn’t about us, but all about you. All of our pieces and colors are inspired by the constellations, and it's celestial beauty and wonder. Similar to the astral signs we use in all of our pieces, the jewelry is inspired by delicate feminine strength and mystique. We felt that by using zodiac signs, the pieces would carry meaning to the wearer with sophistication and significance. Our astral-inspired jewelry can represent a person, a milestone, an anniversary, a birth of something new. We have poured time into each design from the jewelry to the packaging, in hopes that our pieces can tell their own unique biographical story. With every piece we send out, an invisible string is cast out and a bond is formed. We take this responsibility with the utmost sincerity. Thank you for supporting our dream. It means the world to us, and we hope our jewelry can bring much happiness and meaning to you and your loved ones.


How you will feel wearing our jewelry:


Close your eyes. Imagine yourself standing where you are right now. Centuries ago, someone else was standing in the same place looking up at the same sky. Surrender yourself to insignificance at the same time you gain a new sense of your significance. How is that possible? The stars have been here a long time. They haven’t changed much. You, on the other hand are significant because YOU ARE HERE. That is pretty cool. Revel in it. Wear it. Feel it. And know that these are the same stars people saw when Romans and Greeks struggled to give names and personalities to the things they did not understand. Carry these feelings. Enjoy your jewelry all day, everyday. Your friends will wonder what happened and you can tell them all about us. That would be very cool.